De Mena, Murillo, Zurbaran – Masters of Spanish Baroque


The very best of the Spanish baroque is on display at Sint-Janshospitaal in Bruges this spring and summer as the museum joins hands with the Musée national d’histoire et d’art from Luxembourg to show a fine selection of sculptures and paintings from a private collection.


In an intricate play of light and movement, Studio OTW has created a serene and an uplifting universe to accentuate the divine and intimate side of the devotional sculptures. This gallery is aglow with barely detectible light. The walls around the perimeter are backlit thus becoming almost immaterial, giving the room a feeling of an ongoing space. In the centre of the gallery, the delicate sculptures are brought to life with a subtle, dynamic light scheme mimicking daylight. A video animation brings the visitors yet closer to the figures, allowing them to feel the elation and the pain that permeate the art works. The close-ups focus on every detail of the craftsmanship. The installation is completed by a soundtrack which elevates the visitors into contemplative spheres.

For this design Studio OTW worked closely with the lighting designers Theatermachine. Video production is by Kris Seynhaeve, under artistic direction by Studio OTW.

Temporary exhibition at the Sint-Janshospitaal, Bruges 8 March – 6 October 2019

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