Archaeology Gallery, National Museum of Serbia

Against the backdrop of time and an immersive landscape, a great diversity of artefacts tells the story of the people populating the Balkan region – from the early Mesolithic civilizations to the Roman emperors. The concept of the archaeology exhibition departs form the continuity of a geographic place that is influenced by the changing population. The reference to the landscape is translated in an abstract volume meandering through the open space of the atrium. The ongoing platform is interrupted by carefully positioned cuts to allow for smaller narratives in this complex history. A variety of showcases, embedded in the platform is customized around particular (groups of) objects. The open displays allow the visitor an immediate engagement with the collection. With the time line in the background, the visitors are provided with an easy orientation point and can chose their own route in the exhibition.

The entire installation is visible from all corners of the atrium, yet the continuous elements of the platform and the back-lit background wall ensure the exhibition’s unity in space, holding the delicate and precious collection together in a narrative.





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