This seating element was originally designed as an oasis of a private shelter claimed from the omnipresent hustle of the public space.

From A Dwelling for a Modern Nomad ©Jelena Stefanovic 1997

“Being a nomad does not necessarily mean having no fixed home. Rather, it is a lifestyle imposed on one who accepts to live in the modern, fast changing society. Technology causes continuous changes of environment and one wanders through fields of information and experiences on different levels of involvement . There are expectations one has to meet and obligations one has to fulfill in order to follow this rapidly changing flux. One recognizes the pulse of the society, one feels the particular rhythm and gradually adopts it as his own. The experiences one undergoes moving through the environment are temporary, transient, superficial.

Although modern nomad is virtually free of any relation to his environment, still, unconsciously, he is caught in its fluctuating rhythm, his identity changing with the flux of the society. Searching for the absolute freedom, under these circumstances, may be possible only if one is given a possibility to be alone. Therefore, one needs a shelter to retreat to when pressure upon his identity becomes unbearable. A place that generates visual and acoustic privacy, allowing distance from the surrounding environment. Space provided is, in itself, an empty shell which, by its shape, vaguely suggests the comfort of the space molded upon the shape of the dweller. By one’s presence, the space gains its identity, providing at the same time a possibility for the dweller to find his own.”



Later, it was installed in two private residencies as an eye-catching, cotemporary addition to the living room.



Customized lounge seat, private residence, Blaricum 1999


Customized lounge seat, private residence, Amsterdam 2004

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