About the Studio

OTW is a design studio specialized in spatial communication. Inspired by storytelling and passionate about hidden meaning and multi-disciplinary collaboration, OTW aims to entice with effective design that translates complex narratives into coherent spatial presentations.  Whether a public space, museum setting, or commercial interior, OTW provides structure and oversees the creative process from concept to final installation.

OTW founder Jelena Stefanovic is an experienced exhibition designer with background in interior architecture. She is fascinated by the communicative powers of design in public spaces. Her perspective can be as immediate and ephemeral as a view from a window, or evocative and interpretive, like a film set. Jelena’s aesthetic embodies nuance and atmosphere, while communicating powerfully and clearly.

Jelena designs with vision, precision, affection and attention, focusing on comprehensive projects to which she can apply her various skills and conceptual expertise.  She maintains oversight while simultaneously supervising multiple projects at various stages, working in collaboration with other visual professionals, such as graphic designers, artists, lighting designers and multimedia experts.

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