A View From My Window


A View from My Window, the exhibition featuring photography of Goran Basarić, was presented in the Art Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade during the 10th edition of BINA (Belgrade International Week of Architecture)

Spanning a period of 35 years (1980-2015), Goran recorded the changing cityscape of Block 61 in one recurring frame, as seen from the window of his room. His photographs show, quite literally, the view of a citizen at the process of building the city.

A grid of frames, much like the urbanistic plan for the blocks of New Belgrade, was designed to expose the photographs and give them a 3-dimentional presence in the gallery. The photographs became the architecture again.

On the wall, a 14m long graphic combined multiple layers of information. Moving from general history to a parallel, urbanistic story of New Belgrade, to a personal biography of the artist, this time line weaves through the urban culture enhanced by music and the video clips of the 80’s. Visitors were invited to add their own histories to the display simply by leaving a message on the wall of the gallery.

To emphasise the theme of BINA X featuring citizens involvement in the city making, and to illustrate the living urban culture still going strong in the blocks of New Belgrade, a young graffiti artist was invited to make a live contribution during the opening of the exhibition.

Cuartor: Mirjana Milanović

Surface area: 100m2











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