Dutch Self-Portraits, Selfies of the Golden Age


From 8 October 2015 through 3 January 2016, the Mauritshuis in The Hague will exhibit twenty-seven of the most beautiful self-portraits from the heyday of Dutch painting, in the exhibition Dutch Self-Portraits – Selfies of the Golden Age.

Self-portrait is a subject that deals with the presentation and representation of oneself. Much in a way we choose to present ourselves by means of a “selfie”, the artists have been exploring the genre to make a statement about their status, their work, their skills. This concept of (re)presentation laid a base for the exhibition design.

Upon entering the gallery, the visitor finds oneself in an awesome company. One’s own reflection in the mirrored walls becomes immediately part of the self-portrait expression. As the visitors move through the gallery, they catch a glimpse of themselves and of the paintings in a kaleidoscope of mirrors. Yet once they come face to face with the paintings their meeting is unique and personal. The exhibition design isolates the paintings and allows for them to be viewed individually.

The hall of mirrors places the visitor in the spotlight together with the works of art. It is the perfect selfie-opportunity!

Curator: Ariane van Suchtelen
Lighting design: Hans Wolff

Photography © Ivo Hoekstra, Maurtishuis







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